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Earn more money by utilizing your skills as a professional, trades person or an artisan by registering as a service provider on the App. Choose convenient time of work, and preferred geographical location to work, take charge and be your own Boss!

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why sign up with ayuda?

Earn more income for yourself or your business through the top service provider platform. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing when and how you work with AYUDA. Be your own boss!.

earn more income

With the high frequency of job requests on the Ayuda platform, you’re assured of never running out of jobs. Execute more and earn more. Standardized service costs with Ayuda ensures that you get paid what you deserve. No cheating.

insurance coverage

Go ahead and get your jobs done in a fear-free environment, knowing that our services are insured. You don't have to worry about damages that occur on the job. We've got you covered.

flexible work schedule

With Ayuda, you get to choose where you want to work, and when. No more unfavorable work schedules. Get the flexible work-life balance you've always dreamed of. You're your own boss.

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How to Become
an Ayuda Service Provider (SP)

sign up with ayuda

Download the Ayuda app from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store, and sign up as a service provider; or register on our service provider portal.

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training and assessment

Once cleared with application process, a prospective service provider will now be enrolled for training and assessment by Ayuda. The training is in 4 steps: Training in the app, Practical Assessment, Psychometric Assessment,Psychosocial Assessment. Upon successful completion of these steps, the applicant is now medically screened and criminally scrutinized fro security and medical eligibility for the Ayuda platform.

get activated

Service Providers who pass the above requirements will be issued an Ayuda license as AYUDA SERVICE PROVIDERS, along with an Ayuda Competency Card as proof of becoming certified Ayuda Service Providers. This card ends the process of getting enlisted onto the Ayuda platform as a service provider ready to deliver on requests assigned to them.

get assigned requests

Service Providers are assigned tasks based on their skillset and qualification. They are also assigned tasks based on their preferred location for service delivery, and also, their stated available time to deliver the service. Services are assigned to service providers by Relationship Managers to whom they can also report issues, challenges, and changes to service requests for the appropriate invoice to be generated.

properly execute tasks

The assigned Service Provider performs their duty with utmost professionalism to the satisfaction of the customer. After a successful completion of a service request, the service provider is rated and reviewed by the customer. This review gives an indication of the service provider's quality of service, and can earn them a high frequency of service request.

get paid

Upon a successful completion of a service request and an unparalleled satisfaction to the customer, the service provider receives their pay through a bank account or Mobile Money, as stated by them to Ayuda

Requirements of Becoming​ An Ayuda Service Provider (SP)
  • Must be customer service oriented
  • must have a smartphone running a recent version of Android or iOS
  • No criminal background
  • must be at least 18 years old
  • must be skilled or trained in the services you're loking to provide
  • proof of ID
  • business registration (if any)
  • proof of business location
  • honesty and good work ethics

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