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Frequently asked questions

    What type of services are available?

  1. Services on Ayuda come in four categories:
  2. Domestic Services:

    Work for homeowners on various issues ranging from electrical, plumbing, cleaning, painting, carpentry, gardening, nanny/care-taking jobs, and many more.

  3. Commercial Services:

    Deliver facilities management services for organizations and businesses ranging from cleaning, plumbing, and many more.

  4. Industrial Services:

    We provide large-scale maintenance and services ranging from electrical, cooling system, cleaning, fumigation, plumbing, and many more to production and manufacturing companies

  5. Professional Services:

    Service Providers who fall under this category are professionals who render services such as teaching, IT solutions, accounting, medical, legal, and architectural services, etc.

  6. Whom will I be working with?

  7. All requests form customers through the Ayuda app are attended to by Relationship Managers of specific services. These Relationship Managers (RMs) are responsible for fetching the right service provider to attend service requests from customers. Hence all service providers report to and work with RMs of the Ayuda Platform.
  8. How much is due to me for every service I provide?

  9. For every service provided, the service provider is due a percentage of the service fee charged (Check Service provider hand book for the percentage) and the remaining percentage goes to Ayudahub limited as commission. The Commission that goes to Ayudahub limited caters for insurance premium for the service, Value Added Tax, payment platform Charges and other administrative charges.
  10. How do I get paid?

  11. Payments are made to mobile money account or bank Account provider to Ayudahub limited by service providers. Service provider makes request for payment on a service completed only after the expiry of a service guarantee ie, five working days after completion of a service
  12. Can I get a service alert?

  13. Certainly! The moment a customer makes a service request and that falls within your areas of expertise or available time provided and preferred location to provide the service, you will get the alert for services through the app to your phone.
  14. How do I get assigned a task?

  15. It depends on you! You tell us the kind of services you're interested in rendering, your convenient time to render the services and specific locations you wish to render the services, and we'll assign them to you the moment a request comes in that matches your interests and convenience.